Re: cannot add gmail account to outlook 2010

Ann Byrne

GMail needs tweaks, not Outlook. You need to tell GMail to forward mail, either pop or imap. the big thing, though, is there is a security setting you have to change. I don't remember where, but the page says something like "allow GMail to work with unsafe mail programs". that isn't the wording at all, but that's what it means. there is a slider on the page and both JAWS and NVDA read it as though it were a checkbox. and you can't check it. Someone has to do it with the mouse. Until that is done, you get a message in Outlook saying that the password is incorrect. googling it might/almost probably would give you clearer information.

It's totally possible, though.

Good luck.


At 09:52 PM 12/3/2016, you wrote:
Hi. did a yesterday, and when I try to add my mums gmail account, it then saks for me to rety or manually, and then fails. Any ideas why. Do I need to totually uinstall, then reinstall. Help!

Marvin Hunkin
Blind Information Technology Student

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