Re: windows 10 chrashes

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>


         I'm about to say something that will probably result in my being socially ostracized, if not banned, from this forum:  Sometimes there is just no substitute for sight.

         A crash as thorny and convoluted as this one sounds is going to require that someone can literally see it unfold.  It is highly unlikely to be solved entirely after the fact using things like logs, etc., and could possibly be secondary to something you've done or installed on your machine [note:  possibly].  There are almost certain to be warning dialogs popping up, etc., that are occurring after JAWS (in this case) is going into "I'm not speaking anymore" mode.  That kind of information will be vital and you need to engage and assistant in order to get it.  There is nothing wrong with doing so.

         You can certainly file this as feedback, but without something that would allow replication of the issue there's virtually nothing any developer can do with an "it's crashing over and over again" and nothing else style report.  If you can figure out a way to consistently induce the crash, using the same steps (preferably as few as possible but even if it takes a lot of steps, if you know what those are, that's key), that's the way to file a bug report or feedback which can be acted upon.  This is a principle that all users need to know, and an IT student must embrace.

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