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It turns out I am also to blame for not editing the online archive on time.




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Sorry Joseph, that was my fault!


On Sat, Dec 3, 2016 at 3:39 AM, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:



I was informed offlist that the previous post regarding NVDA release candidate announcement had hashtag issues. Thus I’d like to request that we follow the below directive:


Whenever you need to make an announcement regarding screen reader releases, unless you use BCC, please put screen reader specific hashtags when sending the announcement to this forum. This helps folks get to the right messages and helps in filtering messages by subject line.


These hashtags are:


·         JAWS for Windows: #JAWS

·         Window-Eyes: #WinEyes

·         NVDA: #NVDASR

·         Narrator: #Narrator


The hashtags should be used on the first message of each thread that announces new screen reader releases. Also, please don’t post every screen reader release announcements – announcements should be made if screen reader builds have something for Windows 10 users (NVDA 2016.4 RC1 is acceptable as it includes features for Edge support). In general, if the screen reader release includes notes on the following, it will be considered acceptable on this forum:


·         Support for current or upcoming stable builds of Windows 10.

·         Support for or enhancements for Microsoft Edge, reading toast notifications, File Explorer tweaks and other features.

·         Improvements for various Windows 10 apps such as Mail, Calendar, People, News, Store, Cortana and many others.


In case screen reader release notes say it supports specific features from Insider Preview builds, then it should be noted and sent to the Insiders subgroup. In case of screen reader scripts, this hashtag requirement will not be enforced a lot – for mine, I’ll put NVDASR hashtag.


This directive will be in effect from January 2017.





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