Re: Windows 10 and turning off background apps

Lino Morales

Howdy. Go to setting with WIN plus I. Then use your arrows to privacy. Then arrow down or hit the end key to background apps then press enter. Then finally you uncheck the apps you don't want running.

On 12/2/2015 4:32 AM, Curtis Delzer wrote:
wow, that is one I sure did miss. how is it done?

At 11:59 PM 11/15/2015, you wrote:
Hi all

I'm not sure if it's this list now or another one, but someone shared a tip to turn off all background apps as they are not needed. Until now, I left them alone because didn't know what would happen if messed around in there. Now I have turned them off, the laptop has suddenly sped up from the start. Thanks to whoever shared this tip, very much appreciated.

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