Re: - An article on Tablet Mode on our wiki pages? #wikiproposal

Kevin Cussick

I agree, I did get window's10 on my tablet eventually! but think it is in tablet mode it is an 8 inch tablet and the search seems to come straight up without pressing the window's key and window's and d doesn't get me back to the desk top! save me some time guys please, How do I fix this. thanking you all in advance.

On 02/12/2015 00:50, Scott VanDeWalle wrote:
I like this idea.
While we're talking about this subject, we should write articles or tips
for the wiki too.
Such as enabling cortana, putting items on the desktop, etc etc.
Just an idea.

On 12/1/2015 7:30 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Since we talked about Tablet Mode and to let the blind community know
about this, I thought it would be helpful for me or someone to write a
wiki article on Tablet Mode. If you are interested in writing an
introductory article to Tablet Mode for screen reader users, please let
us know (or if you have an article in mind, please do write the article
on our Wiki page (please use Markdown) or attach your article as an
email to <>). Ideally
the article should cover what Tablet Mode is, define continuum, how and
when to engage Tablet Mode, differences between regular (desktop) and
tablet interface and caveats for screen reader users (please try
covering all screen readers represented on this list). Thanks, and
looking forward to your contributions (I’ll give you credit for



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