Re: how to check if i have the update?


You need to use screen review for this dialog (JAWS equivalent is JAWS

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Hello, but how about with nvda? How to copy the details on the screen after
I hit the winver?


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On 12/2/2015 5:50 PM, David Moore wrote:
When you enter winver into the run edit field and press enter. JAWS
will say what version of windows you have very quickly. You cannot
read this on the screen. However, you can do this. After JAWS reads
the information, press insert + space bar and then press H. This will
bring up the JAWS speech history where it says the last 50 phrases
JAWS spoke. The newest is at the bottom, so go there and you will be
able to read all of that information JAWS said when it read the
information. Just close JAWS speech history. By the way, You can copy
and paste anything from that speech history page. Let me know if you
find your windows version on the speech history page. Have a great one.

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I just did this on my system.
Yeah its nice, this copy is licenced to your user and your computer name.
licenced to me and toshiba, me being first.

On 2/12/2015 10:07 p.m., Curtis Delzer wrote:
nice, mine says:
About Windows
Microsoft Windows
Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.14)
C 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
The Windows 10 Pro operating system and its user interface are
protected by trademark and other pending or existing intellectual
property rights in the United States and other countries/regions.
This product is licensed under the Microsoft Software License Terms

At 12:19 AM 11/14/2015, you wrote:

To check your Windows version type the following in run dialog box
and press enter.



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Subject: [win10] how to check if i have the update?


Think got the update.

Is the messenging app in privacy, is that one of the new features.

So, how to check if I have the latest version of updates.

Any ideas.


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