locked windows 10 internet query

marvin hunkin <startrekcafe@...>

Hi, with a new provider my republic, http://www.myrepublic.com.au or http://www.myrepublic.net/au, for some odd reason, this is the only site I cannot access, everytime try to access http:www.groups.io, says the page could not be loaded in internet explorer, when I do fix connection, says the dns server is not available.and then firefox says cannot find the server. Any one run into this, did mess around with the dns server, and then lost my connection, able to get it back, so is there a way to add a second or multiple dns servers, windows 10, any network techs on here. And there text chat, still waiting for some one to do a live chat, and waiting two or three hours, and don’t get a e-mail back, three days later, did try contact via phone, but for some reason, it timed out, after waiting a good hour or two, and then waiting for an important call, phone is working fantastic, home phone and speed is a lot faster. Any one got any ideas, suggestions, work arounds.



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