Re: Brian Vogel's Step-by-Step Instructions "Greatest Hits"

Gary Ray

So, are all of these files for Win 10 AFTER the Anniversary update?


Gary Ray


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Ed, and all others asking about access to these lists.  I will repost the entire collection following this little tutorial of sorts that won't be much of a tutorial.  Each and every one of these sets of instructions is presented as a link.  Activating that link will trigger the corresponding file to download to your computer.  I cannot say whether that means it will go to your Downloads folder or elsewhere because I can't know who has the "Always ask me where to save a file" setting turned on in their favorite web browser.

After the file is downloaded it's an MS-Word file like any other that you can simply select, activate the selected file, and have it open in MS-Word.  If you do not have Microsoft Office the Word format files will also open in Open Office or Libre Office (and several other alternative office suites) if this is what you have on your computer.

That being said, here's the list of links again just so you have them in this message and don't have to dig up the two old ones to find the links:


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