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Well while I am not signing in with an ms account I do have ms and google apps linked through various accounts.

I don't get settings sync and a few storage features, however I get most account features from my local account and I know they will only activate when apps needing cloud access are loaded.

On 11/04/2017 12:08 p.m., Brian Vogel wrote:
Actually, your Windows 10 user account password and your Microsoft Account password can be entirely different.

The fact that the same username (usually an e-mail address) and password is most often being used for many Windows 10 users is that they are setting up their Microsoft Account as part of setting up Windows 10 and make both the same during that process.

One could establish a Windows 10 user account that's linked to an existing Microsoft account using completely different user names.

Once a Windows 10 user account is linked to a specific Microsoft Account you can change the password on one, the other, or both and the link remains.

My passwords on my Windows 10 account, which does use the same e-mail address as my Microsoft Account, are different. I changed the password on the Microsoft Account subsequent to establishing both when I first got into Windows 10 during the Insiders Program during the pre-release-to-the-public period and just did so again minutes ago. Since doing so I have restarted my computer and the password for my Windows 10 user account remains exactly as it was and the link between it and the Microsoft Account is unbroken.


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