locked Proposals due to semi-annual upgrade policy: periodic upgrade roolout reminders, new Windows 10 development hashtag #poll


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For those new to this forum cluster: whenever major policies are to be implemented, this forum uses polls to let members vote on it before it takes effect (or rejected). Debates on polls are allowed on this forum, while votes themselves should be sent to owner address (win10+owner@groups.io).


Proposal: periodic upgrade rollout reminders, new Windows 10 development hashtag


Background: On April 20, 2017, Microsoft announced a new release policy for Windows 10, Office 365 ProPlus, and system Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr). Starting from Redstone 3, new Windows 10 releases will happen every six months, thus Redstone 3 will hit the air in September at the earliest, and each release will be supported for 18 months. Because of mixed results with current rollout of Creators Update (Version 1703) and with some people upgrading early without justifications, it would be advisable to send out periodic upgrade rollout reminders, preferably in March and September. Also, because marketing names for future Windows 10 releases are unpredictable and codenames can change, it is proposed that a new hashtag be used to convey news on Windows 10 feature development.




  1. Should a periodic reminder about upgrade procedures, schedule and rollout be sent to this forum cluster in March and September, detailing upgrade procedure, recommending people to use Windows Update and what not?
  2. If you say yes to the above question, what should be included in such reminders?
  3. Should there be a new hashtag reserved just for Windows 10 development news and discussions? This does not mean Windows Insiders subgroup will be dissolved.
  4. If yes, please choose from the following: #WinTenVNext, #WinTenDev, #WinTenNext, or hashtag of your choosing (beginning with #WinTen).


This poll will close on April 24, 2017 at 11:59 PM Pacific (UTC-7). Any policy changes as a result of this poll will take effect on May 1, 2017. Votes should be sent to win10+owner@groups.io - you are more than welcome to debate this poll here. This poll is open to everyone (including moderated members and folks on various subgroups). Input from Microsoft staff and other screen reader and app developers are also welcome.





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