Re: tweaking a win10 laptop for maximum performance

David Mehler


This machine has a 256GB samsung 840pro ssd. It has 4GB of ram.


On 5/31/17, Tyler Wood <tcwood12@...> wrote:
As far as ssd goes, it all depends on the ssd size.
If I’m using an ssd that’s less than 64 gb I’ll change the swapfile since
this is usually okay. Though do keep in mind that when you do this and your
machine is running 4 gb or less of ram you might (key word is might) hurt
performance. I gave it a try with a t100 with 2 gb of ram and it wasn’t
quite up there, but if your swap file gets gigantic (I have, for some very
odd reason on systems with 16 gb of ram seen it hit 32 gb, which is just
utterly ridiculous...) I shrink it down a tad.
Also setting windows, in control panel>system>advanced system
settings>performance to use best performance. In this modern day and age it
doesn’t help a ton but every bit is better than none.

From: Randy Barnett
Sent: May 30, 2017 3:05 PM
Subject: Re: [win10] tweaking a win10 laptop for maximum performance

Hi, I have been building computers for over 25yrs and I have learned a
couple of things... First: The only time adding ram to a system will make it
faster is if it was running too little to start with and was constantly
reading from the harddrive. Second: Unless you are a video or photo editor
with huge files you will never use 32GB of ram. I have 16GB and everytime I
check my RAM usage it is usually 12GB or more of free system ram. I have set
my SWAP file to 1024MB and have never had a problem. With you getting an SSD
I would not set yor SWAP to match your ram. the SWAP file is only used if
your sestem runs out of ram and like I said for the majority of us with 8GB
or more that wont happen. So there is no reason to use up expensive SSD
space. Mostly with a modern fast CPU not much you do will make it any
faster. Setting the display to best performance under advanced system
properties and setting the virtual memory to 1024 for the min and max size
are about all you need to do. I also disable hybrnation but that is more to
stop errors that are hard to diagnose.

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