finally, my pc is ready for the creators update! will it install on it's own or with my consent?

Chris Skarstad <rascal0826@...>

Hi guys

Subject line says it! About a half an hour ago as of this writing I saw a web page just pop up out of nowhere, which was the indication that the creator's update was on the way and I just need to review my privacy settings. So I did and everything was to my satisfaction so I clicked continue. I was then told that it would do somethings in the background before the update is ready. Here's where my memory gets kind of fuzzy because I must've missed part of the discussion. Will my pc reboot on its own and do the update without my intervention, or do I have to specificly indicate when I want to install the update? I'm awar e that it may take about an hour or so, maybe longer and i'm ok with that but I couldn't remember if the update would just be installed without my concent. I'm usually away from my pc while I sleep so that would certainly be a good time to install it, which would mean that I can just start using it as normal when I wake up but i suspect it'll be later than that.

Thanks, and I apologize for bringing back a topic that was discussed so much earlier.


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