Re: APP being blocked?


I didn’t see any reply to my question.

I use the Virtual View feature of WE frequently. Until I get JAWS configured right and my knowledge gets better I need to use WE.

Can anyone tell me how to  tell WIN 10 to allow the app?


I use it to get the raw start and stop times on the time card view in the time tracking program at work. I know that JAWS could OCR it for me but with Jaws I can’t get this information to show on the screen.


Thank you.


From: [] On Behalf Of Shannon
Sent: Thursday, June 1, 2017 8:04 AM
Subject: [win10] APP being blocked?


Good morning,

I am running Win 10 now. I am still using WE for now. I have all 4 options on this system WE, JAWS, NVDA and NARATOR.

WE has a similar feature as JAWS convenient OCR.

When I try to use it I am getting a pop up telling me that This app has been blocked for my protection. For more information contact my administrator.


Well, I have ad min rights. There is no option on this pop up to allow the app anyway.

This OS seems to be just as flakey as the win 8.1 that I was using.

How can I allow APPS that Windows thinks I shouldn’t?

What else has it blocked that I don’t know about yet?


Thanks for the help.


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