Editing registry files

Quentin Christensen

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone is familiar with formatting .reg (exported
registry entry) files?

I have a registry entry which is (should be) text but when I export
it, the .reg file contains the entry in hex - although not just hex,
it seems to be hex with extra bits in between, so if I had a value of
"AAA", which in hex should be 414141 (A = 41 in hex), what it ends up
as is 41,00,41,00,41,00 so even with a hex editor it's hard work
editing it.

Does anyone know a good way or a good program for editing such files?
I have been doing it by importing into my registry, changing values
and exporting but it would be MUCH easier if I could open in something
like notepad, do a find and replace and save from there.

Kind regards


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