Re: Proposal (high importance): Bringing nvda-winten group as a subgroup of this forum


i think we have 1 main group for all screen readers and a sub group
for insiders

On 1/30/16, Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@...> wrote:
Well I know this may come out as a bit biased to nvda.
But this thing was created by predominantly nvda users.
And its fair to suggest and assume the most we discuss is nvda based on
the main group at least.
I therefore make a counter proposal.
What objections do anyone have just merging the entire nvda win10 into
the main group since we nvda users made the group in the first place.
I understand if you want to make it a subgroup, however As an nvda user
I'd like it dumped here.
The other option is to just delete nvda-win10 and port everyone to the
main group entirely.
Then rout certain things outside the group.
Ie the nvda addons list can have win10 spaciffic addons in.
The other way would be to just merge the nvda win10 group to the main
nvda group.
We allready have a nvda group on freelists.
In this reguard why would we actually want to put it here.
Nvda-winten was created when the insider builds came out, its sort of
had its dash.

On 30/01/2016 9:10 a.m., Joseph Lee wrote:
Hi Win10 forum participants,

One of the design goals of this forum is to bring in experts from diverse
fields. In particular, during state of the list address last year, I have
outlined a vision of this list being run as a conference gathering where
could have groups specializing in one area, and we now have this in place
with a subgroup for Windows Insider Program participants.

Seeing the success of Windows Insider subgroup, and to make discussion of
using Windows 10 with specific screen readers possible, I would like to
propose creating a subgroup for screen reader users, starting with NVDA.
case of this proposal, this is more towards a hybrid of subgroup and list

Background: Shortly after launch of Windows Insider program back in
2014, a group of NVDA users formed nvda-winten list to discuss state of
accessibility of Insider builds (back then, it was called Technical
Preview). Members of that group discussed workarounds for issues with
specific builds, coordinated feedback submission and became testers for
builds which included needed fixes to support Windows 10. After the
of Windows 10 in July 2015, nvda-winten group members discussed
accessibility of Windows 10 RTM builds as well as further Insider builds
released throughout 2015. Then with the opening of this Win10 forum in
October 2015, a number of nvda-winten group members proposed that these
lists be merged and/or letting nvda-winten group become a subgroup of

Proposal: Should nvda-winten list
( become a subgroup of Win10


* Questions about Windows 10 can be discussed on this forum by
members of nvda-winten list without having to post questions to two
email lists.

* Allows discussion of NVDA-specific issues in the context of
Windows 10 and related topics.

* By becoming a subgroup of this list, members can subscribe to
lists if interested, and allows them to receive important Win10

* Allows easy filtering of email content via subject line
(win10+nvda will be the subject line).


* One must be a member of this group to subscribe to NVDA

* One may not know if a question applies to all screen readers or
just to NVDA.

* Extra work for leadership team to know which subgroup is which
(thankfully, group descriptions and URL will be useful).

Merger/subgroup creation procedure: if the above proposal is adopted, the
following procedure will be used to merge these lists:

1. Merger agreement: members of nvda-winten list are in favor of
merger/subgroup creation. The merger will proceed if members of this
forum are in favor of list merger/subgroup creation as outlined in the
of the list address in October 2015 (list merger/deletion cannot happen
without consent from the list membership).

2. Once both lists agree to merge, I will set the merger/subgroup
creation deadline when members of the nvda-winten list will become
of this list.

3. You may recall our leadership election in 2015, and one of the
questions was electing screen reader representatives. Our NVDA
representative (Austin Pinto) will lead the NVDA subgroup. He is still
answerable to members and to current list representatives (Joseph and

If you have questions, suggestions, comments or concerns, please write to
the list leadership team at
<> . You may also write to this address (not
the forum) if you'd like to vote on this proposal (yes or no). This
will be adopted if: at least 25% turn-out (more than 55 members voting)
two-thirds of voters (37 or more) saying "yes". The voting turn-out was
high to encourage participation and to hear opinions from members. This
proposal vote will close a week from now (Friday, February 5, 2016 at 12
Pacific (20:00 UTC).

Thank you (I will bring this up again towards the end of session 1 of
Forum Congress).



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