Re: Hope this helps with Windows 10 Mail App

Quentin Christensen

A couple more updates on where Mail is at re accessibility were posted
by Microsoft today:


Microsoft Accessibility tweeted that second link this morning and it
doesn't currently work but I'm hoping they'll update it and I'll let
you know (you can search for "Use a screen reader to work with Mail
and Calendar for Windows 10 and it finds an article with that name on
the office help site but it won't load that way either.



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On 2 February 2016 at 05:20, David Ouimet <whitewater2612@...> wrote:
I discovered this with Jaws & hope this helps others too. When opening the
mail app & clicking/entering on a message if I press control/insert/down
arrow the body of the message is read.

This other thing works on both nvda & jaws too. If synchronizing the account
or accounts in the mail app, then press control/shift/I the main window will
come back with all the options to select folders/accounts & other selections


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