Re: KB3140743 bumps version 1511 to build 10586.122 #KBAlert

inamuddin khan

Dear friends, I have managed to update my windows 10.0.10586.122

The only thing which I really couldn’t understand is that my machine has 3 different versions.

When I check it in setting, it says windows 10.0.1086.00

If I check it at desktop, it says windows 10.0.1086.103

And finally when I go to setting/system/about, it says windows 10.0.1086.122.

Please let me know why it is!

One machine 3 different versions.

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From: Joseph Lee [mailto:joseph.lee22590@...]
Sent: Wednesday, March 2, 2016 1:26 AM
Subject: [win10] #KBAlert KB3140743 bumps version 1511 to build 10586.122


Hi all,

For those new to this list: we use hashtags to convey important notices. #KBAlert hashtag is reserved for announcing cumulative update releases.

It appears this is an extraordinary Update Tuesday: KB3140743 bumps build to 10586.122.

Knowledge base article:

What’s new and changed:

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