Windows 10 Mobile poll results: yes, Windows 10 Mobile topics will be allowed here and on a subgroup #AdminNotice #w10mobile #mobile


Hi all,


For those who’ve commented on Windows 10 Mobile proposal: thanks for your valuable comments. The results are thus:


On behalf of Windows 10 Forum leadership team, I hereby declare that topics related to Windows 10 Mobile, such as Lumia devices and alike will be allowed on this list. Also, a subgroup for Windows 10 Mobile users has been created to facilitate specialized discussions around Windows 10 Mobile, including upgrade compatibility, devices, Narrator, accessibility of apps, hardware and others. The final tally was 15 yes, 10 no, thus the proposal passes.


To help people filter out topics by subject line, please try using either #Mobile or #W10Mobile hashtags. Also, the Windows 10 Mobile subgroup can be found at:


Thank you. Let Windows 10 Mobile discussion and subgroup activation begin!



Win10 forum head list representative


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