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Heather <kd5cbl@...>

Hello, Microsoft was not a help today when I called to ask how to set my updates to let me choose weather or not to install them!
I have jaws 17 latest, win10  home on a desktop.
 I am also running windows classic shell so win10 looks like winseven!
So can anyone give me step by step directions to have windows notify me of updates and I can choose weather or not to install them? 
Also, can we still hide updates and does windows ten have important updates verses optional updates?
  They did a direct connect and they wanted me to go to settings but, it was not threw the windows start and they did not know the key stroke to get me their!
And the windows i was not the place I needed to be apparently.
Also, is there away to put my notification in the system tray so I will know that windows is wanting to install updates?
Thank you very much!
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