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Isaac <bigikemusic@...>

I download from realtek with out email address all the time.

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To be honest the easiest way for win10 users is to go and get the drivers from here.

For x64 users that link is right now.

For 32 bit, this is the driver though its slightly older.

In all cases extract the files with 7zip or something to a folder, I rename the file to realtech or, then extract it to its own folder with right click with 7zip.

you can get sevenzip at

Then click sevenzip, click the latest release currently 1805, then download the right msi file and run it, then in admin mode run the 7zip file manager go tools and options or preffs, and doodle round with the associations by hitting the unlabeled buttons till they say all users then ok.

Once your cabinet for each driver is extracted, go to device manager/sound/ your realtech card and hit that enter key control tab to driver hit update and then brouse, select the realtech or whatever folder, hit ok and it should usually find and select the right driver for you.

I am unsure why free-codecs posted an entire unofficial repo on github it simply may because realtech doesn't previde their standard hd audio detection pages which they used to.

Right now the latest drivers for win7 are 2.82 and are on file hippo and that should be fine.

To be honest though its only the newer systems with these silly cards linked to their display and board chips that have this issue.

All cards before 2006 are unlocked, my old asus workstation from 2013 was unlocked.

The latest hp is linked <sigh>

Every few months or so ms seems to upgrade the drivers for win10, the latest is always 64 bit but as its not a big issue its not like it matters that much.

On 12/6/2018 1:56 PM, Mike B. wrote:
Hi All,

Before you can download you will need to provide an email address that
Realtek will send an email to that will have a download link inside but, you
better have someone sighted to decipher the captcha! My wife is sighted
but, still couldn't tell what the captcha was so I couldn't download the
driver. They don't provide an audio catpcha neither.
Take care. Go Rams!
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of time trying to remember what it was, I spend the time looking for where I
saved it!
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I'm reviving this topic because Realtek still has its audio device drivers,
including those updated for Windows 10, available for download.

This page, specifically,,
almost certainly has the Windows driver you're looking for. They're updated
through 2017 and for Windows 10 as well as earlier Windows.

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