Re: does anyone know if classic shell works for windows 10

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Also one can use start is back.


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Subject: Re: [win10] does anyone know if classic shell works for windows 10


Classic shell works I’m using it.


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Well I can get on with the new lettered structure of the start menu in win10.

I can't stand the ribbon and a few other things which is why the winaero tools are really good.

Even so, For just about everyone else, I grin and bare windows 10 good and bad.

For my own workstation, its another matter.

I am using this workstation as a primary system, and any hack, crack, and tweak goes as long as it makes me have a nice happy windows7 experience.

It makes it officient and easy to use without all the crappy windows 10 interfaces.

Classic shell, well I don't need to go that far thank the microsoft gods.

Its true with ribbon disabler and maybe a few other things, I will loose sfc, so if things go bang, if I sfc, I will loose all my custom tweaks but thats life.



On 22/02/2019 10:35 AM, heather albright wrote:

Yes, classic shell is a confort zone for some. I used it for a while till I got used to 10 and I personally no longer use it. Not everyone is there yet and it is good to have options like classic shell.  It really helped me when I had to switch from seven to 10. Still miss xp and outlook express woe! The mail app is not quite right. I wished they would have just stuck express in the mail app. It seems to not have as much as express had sie. Cheers Heather


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Subject: Re: [win10] does anyone know if classic shell works for windows 10


That sounds great to me. I love that! But a great thing about Windows is that it’s not the only way. And as has been said, the search box in Windows 10 is amazing and really useful for a number of things, not just locating/running programmes.



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Subject: Re: [win10] does anyone know if classic shell works for windows 10


It seems that we're reverting back to the way we did it under MS DOS.  At the system prompt, you had to know the name of the program you wanted to use.  Type it in and away you go.

On 2/21/2019 9:54 AM, joanne wrote:

Thanks for your reply on this subject. I'm thinking of getting the $4.95 start program to make things look like the familiar. But if doing a program search will bring up the program maybe we should try it. Guess I'm one of those who needs--or thinks I need--that familiar lineup. But if the search will do everything that looking to find the program will do, maybe we don't need the program for organizing the menus. This is one reason I joined this group: windows 10 looks so totally hard to use and any help is truly appreciated. I won't let anyone upgrade my 2 windows 7 computers right now, but I know it has to be done, like it or not.



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Subject: Re: [win10] does anyone know if classic shell works for windows 10


Classic Shell is no longer supported, but is still working under Windows 10 up through Version 1809.  There is an alternative called Start10 which is paid, but at the princely sum of $4.99 is generally within reach and is still actively maintained.

I still advise against using either.  A Cortana search can find any program on your system in a flash.   In addition, I've written up:

·         Adding Desktop Shortcuts Under Windows 10

and you can always add what I call the "All Programs Folder" to your desktop:

1.  Bring up the context menu on the desktop and choose New, shortcut.
2.  In the dialog that appears, paste the following in the Type the location of the item edit box:  %windir%\explorer.exe shell:Appsfolder
3.  Hit the Next button, then in the dialog that comes up give the shortcut whatever name you think makes sense for it.
4.  Hit the Finish button, and the folder that gives you direct access to any installed program (now called desktop apps) or app on your system is on the desktop.

It is my opinion that things like Classic Shell and Start10 are crutches that make it far more difficult to actually use Windows 10 in the long run, particularly if you anticipate having to use any machine other than your own.

The Cortana search makes it simple, even in the absence of the All Programs folder, to find a program in a flash.  I never use the Start Menu in Windows 10 as my first point of entry because it's generally not the fastest way to find something these days.

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