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Isaac <bigikemusic@...>

Well to move the partition you will first need to backup the two recovery
partitions, and the operating system partition. Then you will have to boot
to recovery media such as a USB or DVD rom. You will have to restore the
recovery partitions first and then the operating system partition and then
your problem will be solved, however this is a lot of work. If I were you
I'd leave it alone or install windows 10 again using the same version you
already have installed as not to lose your license. You can do this by
downloading windows 10 from Microsoft and the drivers from your vender.
Warning, if you had OEM software installed, you might lose this if you can't
get a copy from the vender.

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Subject: Re: [win10] Extending The Windows C Partition

Your recovery partition is the largest, you would have to remove this if you
want to retreave the space.
For the advantage you will gain, if I were you, I would just leve it alone.

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Subject: Re: [win10] Extending The Windows C Partition

This is the layout of my ssd:
DISKPART> list partition

Partition ### Type Size Offset
------------- ---------------- ------- -------
Partition 1 System 260 MB 1024 KB
Partition 2 Reserved 16 MB 261 MB
Partition 3 Primary 1847 GB 277 MB
Partition 4 Recovery 1600 MB 1847 GB
Partition 5 Recovery 13 GB 1849 GB I selected partition 3
since it is the primary and this is the one I want to extend but it is not
the last one needs to be moved to be the last one, I want to extend it to
the max it tolerates as said earlier to make use of it, I don't know if
there are easier utilities than diskpart but I am used to diskpart no
problem, what shall I do next now? This is how the restore media partitioned
and formatted this 2TB SSD.
Original message:
You need to open the command prompt as administrator and then type
diskpart and pressing enter.
After typing diskpart you need to find the correct drive by typing:
list disk.
Pay close attention as you need to make sure you have the correct disk
selected. Then select the correct disk with the following command.
Select disk 1
For example.
If your disk containing the correct partition is disk 2 or disk 3 and
so on replace disk 1 with the correct disk number.
Now, hear is where things can get tricky. You need to select the
correct partition.
First you would type
List partition and pay close attention. Once you have found the
correct partition you will need to type for example:
Select partition 3.
If your partition number is different type the correct partition
number in place of 3.
There are a couple of caveats! In most cases the partition you want
to expand will need to be the last partition number, so if there is
partition 1 through 4 it will probably need to be partition 4. If it
is not you will need to move partitions around and if your not an
advanced user you will probably need some assistance the first time.
However, if the partition is the last partition on the disk then you can
use the following command.
Extend size=128000
This is just an example to extend the partition by 128 gb.
There other parameters that I won't get in to hear, but there for
advanced users and there are quite a bit of them.
If this doesn't solve your problem let me know and I will be glad to

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George Zaynoun
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Subject: [win10] Extending The Windows C Partition
I installed in my laptop 2TB SSD and restored original software to
factory settings, the Windows C partition is showing I have 1,80TB
when I open this pc and highlight c: although I see in other places
that the SSD is 2TB, of course there is partition for recovery and I
don't want to mess it up I just want to extend the Windows partition.
What is the command I can use in diskpart to extend this partition to the
maximum it tolerates?

Georges Zeinoun
Timmerv. 6A ITR LGH1102, 54163 SKÖVDE SWEDEN
Tel: +46 (500) 48 29 29 Mobile: +46 (70) 366 63 29

Georges Zeinoun
Timmerv. 6A ITR LGH1102, 54163 SKÖVDE SWEDEN
Tel: +46 (500) 48 29 29 Mobile: +46 (70) 366 63 29


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