Knock knock, this is Windows 10 Version 1909 era #AdminNotice #WinTen1909


Dear Win10 Forum family,


Effective midnight Pacific on September 13, 2019, we will “enter” Windows 10 Version 1909 era. Note the quotes – we’re not exactly switching era per say, but we are now opening the entire forum cluster to Version 1909 changes, including muting notification sounds, web searches and others. For the most part, Version 1909 era is an extension of 1903 era with small differences.


Also, whenever I announce era changes, I include branch progression hashtag; not this time, as Version 1909 isn’t available to the public – the latest public release is Version 1903 (build 18362). I expect the full switch (accompanied by branch progression hashtag) will be done in October.




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