Re: My thoughts on the microsoft surface pro 7 which I just got.

Lynette <lynette.harper@...>

I also recently got a new Surface Pro 7 and really enjoying it. I got the type cover and it works quite nicely and is so light and thin it barely adds any bulk or weight to the tablet.
First impression are good.

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Thanks, I have a Surface Pro 3, an old one and I love it although the real down side is that you can't upgrade anything e.g. the ram or hard drive as it is sealed and the screen has to come off which means that removing it will normally break it.

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On 2/19/20, matthew dyer <ilovecountrymusic483@...> wrote:
Hello all,

Yesterday I just received my new surface pro 7 tablet. This is the system
with windows 10 home with 8 GB of ram and 256 GB of storage. Getting it
setup took know time at all. For those who are wondering about charging the
device, it uses a magnetic charger, but you can also charge using USB c.

I currently am using JAWS 2020 with win 10 1909, but orgonely came with 1809
so had to upgrade it. I also have my bn touch plus connected as a braille
display and all works fine. Just thought I would share incase anyone else
is considering. Thanks all.


Hi mat how much did it cost?


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