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Well there are no more windows additions as far as actual images.

Instead its all to do with the licence of windows.

If you upgrade that licence which will be registered to your microsoft account you can simply load it in.

I am not sure what happens if you have brought multiple licences for multiple additions on the same account and how that would work.

On 18/05/2020 3:39 am, William Vandervest wrote:

If I use the media creation tool to createausb installation of win10 on a home machine, how can I install win10 pro on a different machine?




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Exactly, I can download the Media Creation tool for the current version of Windows whether it’s 1909 or the upcoming 2004 and I can keep it in my downloads folder until the next version of Windows comes out in 6 months or so.

I can then use it to make an ISO file in very short order at any time whether it’s right away or in 3 month or in 5 months hence making sure I have the latest version just as Brian pointed out.


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On Sun, May 17, 2020 at 10:53 AM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Actually you can get to the iso things on a mac.

I'm quite sure you can under Windows, too.  But what's the point?

The Media Creation Tool builds you the very latest ISO that is available.  The time difference between downloading a built ISO, which will be older in almost all cases, and using the Media Creation Tool is negligible.

When it comes to Windows 10, the freshness of the ISO you're getting or install drive you're building is very important.  Why not use the incredibly easy method supplied by Microsoft for this purpose?  It's not like the Media Creation Tool is inaccessible nor asks you hundreds of questions.  You confirm a couple of things about what it is you're actually seeking and then walk away until it finishes.

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