Re: Windows 10, getting the latest update


Well its not out just yet, but 2 articles out say its soon.

The general release dates were from the 26th to the 28th, and while it could just be the 28th for release we have just entered the range of possible dates today.

According to sources I read online, including win aero which I do read a lot, cortana is no longer in beta which means thats going out.

Microsoft has also released a few updates to some of its core universal apps today.

Its not much to go on but indications are its getting close.

Of course, we could have a showstopper within the next 2 days or so, and lets not forget 1809 though I doubt microsoft will want a repeat of that embarrassing episode where the system was up for a day then down again.

Still with the newer release schedual we should see a more pollished os.

On 27/05/2020 6:24 am, mitchell lee wrote:
How do we get the media creation tool for the newest version of windows 10,


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