UWA Bulletin: Latest Facebook broke keyboard accessibility #universalapps #a11y


Hi everyone,


For our new friends: welcome to Win10 forum for screen reader users. You’ll see posts marked with hashtags (number sign) for archival purposes. This includes Universal Windows App (UWA) Bulletins that provides latest information on accessibility of apps.


This UWA Bulletin is very critical (serious, I’d say): A user reports the latest Facebook app update broke keyboard accessibility. I was able to confirm this (object navigation/touch cursor/item navigation (for NVDA, JAWS and Narrator, respectively) doesn’t work as expected). Thus, until further notice:


·         If you’re using Windows 10 app version of Facebook, please do NOT update to the latest version.

·         Please try using Facebook Mobile website (m.facebook.com).


Facebook accessibility folks were notified of this issue by some users regarding this problem. Thank you.



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