Re: win10 repair screen talking?

David Mehler


Thanks, I've got a USB headset plugged in to the system and at the
repair screen I'm trying to activate narrator, it's not working, do
you remember what command you used on the repair screen to make it


On 7/14/20, Kevin Cussick via
<the.big.white.shepherd@...> wrote:
Hi, Yes at that time I used a usb head set as Narrator did not speak
using on board sound. it was at least a year ago so things may be

On 14/07/2020 21:44, David Mehler wrote:

Thanks, I am glad it wasn't just me, that I actually heard narrator on
the repair screen. Do you remember how you got it working?


On 7/14/20, Kevin Cussick via
<the.big.white.shepherd@...> wrote:
I remember some time ago hearing narrator on that screen so it should
talk. you might need a usb headset.

On 14/07/2020 04:51, David Mehler wrote:
Thought that screen was accessible.

On 7/13/20, Kevin <kleeva5@...> wrote:
It won’t, because I got the three options on a start up screen
restart; reinstall

Or something like that!

email is golden!!!

Kevin Lee

From: Jacob Kruger
Sent: Monday, July 13, 2020 5:04 PM
Subject: Re: [win10] win10 repair screen talking?

Ctrl+windows key+enter key combo to launch narrator for windows 10?

Not sure will work there,but, good luck.

Jacob Kruger
Blind Biker
"Resistance is futile...but, acceptance is versatile..."

On 14 July 2020 01:31:40 "David Mehler" <dave.mehler@...> wrote:


I've got a windows machine, hopefully it's win10, if it is I don't
know the version. It's at the repair screen, windows wouldn't start,
repair system, or advanced options. If this is win10 and I believe it
is, I got this screen once to talk with I think it was narrator, but
can't remember how. Does anyone know how to do this?


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