locked Proposal: retire group wiki? #proposal #poll-notice


Hi all,

For the last few months, as I thought about the direction of the list and how to best serve the community, I had a chance to look at the current state of our forum wiki, which can be found at: https://win10.groups.io/g/win10/wiki

In the past, the wiki provided a handy resource for beginners, feature overviews and such. In 2020, much of this information can be found on forum archive as well as around the Internet. Besides, in order to contribute to wiki, you must have a Groups.IO web account, which I know many of you do not have.

Therefore, it is proposed that Win10 Forum wiki be retired by end of 2020. The question is how. Among many options, "outright disable" will turn off forum wiki completely. Another option is freeze the wiki as is. As an laternative, we can keep the wiki open while looking at different options.

Question: retire Win10 Forum Wiki by end of 2020? To respond, either select one of the options via the web interface, or send your answer to win10+owner@win10,groups.io. Discussion surrounding the poll (not your answer) is welcome on the poll thread. Majority vote is required to pass this proposal.

Thank you for voting. Results will be available when the poll is closed.

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