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Daniel MacDonald

Hello Sharron,

First off, a company who uses the term etc is a read flag. Microsoft would never be that vag. Every reputable company in job description(s) would say full product names they service, not ‘Windows etc’. This job posting is a scam! The first concern you should have is they scan your computer, and do something to make your screen reader not work and have no speech. Also, they could do whatever they wanted, and you could have all passwords and other personal information compromised. So, if I were you, think long and hard about this position. Go ahead with it and their will be consequences that you cannot recover from!

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Hi Sharon and all,

I see. In this case, I advise thinking about how we (the Win10 forum members) can help i.e. topicality.




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So far:

This company has an A plus rating with Better Business Bureau and is an accredited business.

I have a correct address, and phone number.

The phone number works.

From what I have read, they have very strict ethics policies.

So I’m feeling better about it?



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You say you applied so the process continued on to the point where they are asking to interface with your computer. My question is, how did you find this company to contact them for employment? That might shed some light on its validity. If it was from an advertisement on a website you visited, or if it came from an unsolicited email, Id think long and hard before giving over your computer to be scanned. They can claim all they want the scan is for system integrity and interface with their system, but since they would have to access your computer they would have control of all its data. If they were nefarious they could access your banking app and get into it. I just dont know what they might be up to. so think about how you came across this company first and lets go from there.



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