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Kevin Cussick

thanks for Your post, I get this as well, using windows10 home 64bit 20h2and nvda. it only happens when I boot up from cold once a week. but sorry do not have a fix this has just started happening so expect that it might be last weeks update but I suspect it will get fixed. and I thought it might just be me. using a lenovo all in one idea centre I think it is.

On 23/02/2021 07:39, Jacob Kruger wrote:
Hi there
Know this is a bit of an odd thing, and, it's not consistent, so, while am primarily hoping it doesn't relate to hardware issues on the motherboard, etc., just thought would ask if this rings bells for anyone, or if you might have suggestions on how to try track down the source of an issue like this.
Basically, on my primary desktop PC, running windows 10 64 bit 2004 (OS Build 19041), every now and then, for a boot-up session or two, when I hit the windows key + E key combination to launch file explorer, it might take up to 5 minutes before it comes up, no matter what else I carry on with in the meantime.
Now, I reloaded this machine from scratch roundabout 1 and a half months ago, after having installed a brand new 450Gb SSD drive for the primary operating system drive, and, my secondary data drive is a mechanical 2Tb HDD, which does, at times, take like 2 seconds to spin up into active mode if I already have file explorer open and browse to it, but, think that's more to do with windows 10 power plans taking control of things, and, don't think it could cause this to happen all the time?
Anyway, thoughts on what I can try to use to figure out what could cause this to happen occasionally, or how to avoid it, since it's rather irritating at times.
For example, if I use an alternative file explorer software package called Free commander XE, then it is quite comfortable to browse files immediately, even when windows own file explorer is not cooperating, so really don't think this is a hardware-related issue?
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