Important announcement from the head list representative: Joseph Lee is looking for his successor, effective from Version 21H2 onwards #AdminNotice


Dear Win10 Forum family,

Although cumulative updates happening tomorrow are important, as far as this forum cluster is concerned, the following is critically important:

In 2020, I sent out a call on this forum, asking folks to nominate people who could succeed me as head list representative. But things went south after that – I sent out a follow-up message, letting folks know that I’ll take care of this list until the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, knowing that stability and health are important… until last night.

On May 10, 2021 around midnight, I received an email from a university that partly stated:

Congratulations, we would like to offer you a spot in graduate school.

An offer I couldn’t refuse – as of now, I was admitted to study for a master of arts degree in communication studies at California State University, Los Angeles.

Because I know that graduate school is harder than undergraduate (college) courses, I had to think carefully about my role on Win10 Forum after fall 2021. Making matters more complicated is that I want to coach college students speech and debate while studying for my master’s, something that I know will take a lot of time away from Groups.IO admin panel.

Therefore I am looking for people who will succeed me as head list representative/forum owner, effective a week after Windows 10 Version 21H2 is released to the general public and formally taking my baton on the first monthly cumulative update date after that. To apply (or nominate someone), candidates must:

  • Be an adult in the country they live in. The minimum age is 21, but I strongly ask that anyone 25 years old or older apply.
  • Have been using Windows 10 continuously for the last four years (preferably before Version 1703 (Creators Update) came out).
  • Be a member of Win10 Forum for Screen Reader Users, preferably before the days of version 1803 era (joined around April 2018 or earlier).
  • Be a blind user with expertise in at least two screen readers. Although expertise in Narrator is not a must, familiarity with Narrator is strongly recommended.
  • Have a track record of Groups.IO forum management.


Ideal forum owner/head list representative:

  • A blind adult in the country they live in, preferably at least 25 years old.
  • Familiarity (and expertise) in all screen readers discussed on Win10 Forum (Narrator, NVDA, JAWS, etc.), with certified expertise in at least one.
  • Been using Windows 10 for the last five years and been a member of this list (with proven track record of service and expertise) for the last three years.
  • An active Windows Insider familiar with Windows Insider Preview builds in all update channels (dev, beta, release preview) and submitted at least one actionable feedback via Feedback Hub.
  • Familiarity with Groups.IO email and web interface, including experience as group moderator or administrator.
  • Willingness to talk to staff from Groups.IO, Microsoft, screen reader vendors, and other organizations.


Head list representative duties include:

  • Keeping up with Windows 10 development and thinking about accessibility and screen reader implications.
  • Managing forum discussions and content.
  • Resolving conflicts between members should they arise (including staying up all night to think about admin decisions).
  • Presenting the needs of screen reader users to Microsoft engineers.
  • Keeping up with Groups.IO changes and applying needed group modifications.
  • Showing willingness to listen to many viewpoints and offering actionable solutions.
  • Willingness to recognize the need to pass on the leadership baton when circumstances dictate.
  • Willingness to say the following things to the forum: I understand, you are right, I am sorry.


IMPORTANT: anyone on moderation status or are banned from this forum cluster cannot become head list representative. In particular, as I noted a while ago, Maheen will NEVER become head list representative/owner of Win10 Forum for Screen Reader Users.


Nominations (including self-nominations) should be sent to the leadership team address ( by May 31, 2021. I will then conduct interviews with candidates throughout June, with the successor announced no later than July 2021 cumulative update day (July 13, 2021). Between successor announcement and a week after Version 21H2 release will be designated as a transition period, with the term of my successor formally starting the first monthly cumulative update date following Version 21H2 release (for example, if 21H2 is released in late November, I will officially step down on December 14, 2021).


Thank you.



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