Re: Windows 11 Insider Preview build 22000 released, clarifications on system requirements from Microsoft, forum rename proposal update #win11 #insiderbuilds


PC Health Check app was, to be honest, a mess (we now have an archive full of info about this app). Another reason for its temporary demise is that Microsoft is thinking about hardware requirements, and if Windows Insiders provides useful (I would add, "accurate") reports, computers with older processors might become eligible for Windows 11 upgrade.
By the way, Windows 11 preview build reports itself as version 10.0.22000.51, and version (now called "Update") is shown as 21H2. This will require changing the Windows version hashtag format a bit as Windows 10 21H2 is also being prepared.

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hello all

Onwhat does it mean when the pc helth check app is blocked from downloading? I read all the blog posts and the FAQ and theb post on the microsoft answers forum, and couldn't find anything, so I thought of this list. I hope it doesn't mean that my PC does not meet the requirements.
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Hi all,

Normally Insider Preview build announcements are reserved for insiders
subgroup, but I'm making an exception as it is important for everyone
to read the following posts:

Windows 11 Insider Preview build 22000 is now available for Insiders
subscribed to dev channel:

Announcing the first Insider Preview for Windows 11 | Windows Insider

Also, Windows Insider team (from Microsoft ) clarified system
requirements for Windows 11, along with temporarily removing PC Health
Check app due to confusion it has caused:

Update on Windows 11 minimum system requirements | Windows Insider

As a reminder from last week, I have instructed resident Windows
Insiders to share their findings here (on the parent forum) so folks
can be aware of what is to come.

Speaking of what is to come, forum rename proposal is still ongoing -
the proposal window will close on June 30, 2021 at 23:59 UTC (4:59 PM
7:59 PM Eastern and elsewhere). Please reply to the proposal thread
(not this thread) so the leadership team (I, Nimer, Austin) can read
your suggestions in one place. Next week, a poll will be created to
let you choose the forum name that will best represent the purpose of
this forum and the forum's direction for years to come. Whichever name
gets most votes by July 12, 2021 will be chosen as the forum name,
complete with aliases.

A surprise bonus: sometime in July I will release the archive of the
old NVDA-WinTen Freelists forum as a zipped text file archive so you
can browse the complete history of our forum in one go (October 2014 to early 2016:
files, October 2015 onwards: forum archive).



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