Re: Talking WinPE Boot Disk


Can somebody explain what you can do with this Talking WinPE Boot Disk now that a Windows 10 installation is fully accessible with Narrator?


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this is the latest 1 from Karlos.
although i dont have the proper link, but you can download it from my onedrive.
for 64 bit use this link.!AhCMXaKFXMiuhqB-JssxaLmvy9GiAA?e=TSQvnH
for 32 bit use this link.!AhCMXaKFXMiuhqB93jhrYl0z6W10Mw?e=HTavb8

On 7/7/21, Steven Hicks <> wrote:
Does anyone know where I can download one please?

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