Re: Forum rename proposal: welcome to "Windows Access" #AdminNotice


Hi all,

Follow-up: the new subject tag will be:


Officially, it is “WinAccess” but well… WinAccess is also the short nickname for this forum going forward.




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Subject: [Special] [win10] Forum rename proposal: welcome to "Windows Access" #AdminNotice


Hello forum family,

Several weeks ago Microsoft announced Windows 11, and a follow-up discussion took place regarding renaming the forum. Well, the results of the forum rename proposal are in, and based on 52 votes cast, there is a tie:

Windows Access


Windows with Screen Readers

Both entries received 17 votes, Windows Accessibility (14) and none of the above (4). To reduce potential confusion with an existing forum named “Windows Access” (with a dash in between) and to stay true to the purpose of this forum, as well as to utilize both entries, the full (and official) title of this forum cluster will be:

Windows Access with Screen Readers

I think folks should be encouraged to refer to our forum cluster using either names; I might use both names interchangeably (likely the shorter name might be used more). The shorter name will also become the basis for the subject line, forum email address, and web address, with aliases defined (I’ll announce the new subject line and addresses in the next post).


Many things and interpretations are possible with the new forum name:

  1. Windows Access: to promote Windows accessibility for screen reader users.
  2. Windows Access for Insiders: in a way, Windows Insiders (including members of the insiders subgroup) are testing “early access” versions of new Windows releases.
  3. Ease of Access/Accessibility: Settings/Ease of Access category was renamed to Accessibility in Windows 11. By using the term “Access”, the forum can enhance its claim to support both Windows 10 and 11.
  4. Access to developers: the biggest blessing for members of this forum cluster is that key Microsoft accessibility staff are with us (Jeff Bishop, for example). In addition, folks with insights to screen reader development are members of this forum, making discussions and advocacy more effective.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: if you plan to promote the forum info on various groups (mailing lists, social network groups such as those hosted on Facebook, etc., please:

  1. Ask for permission from owners of the forum you are writing to.
  2. Write separate emails for different forums, or if you prefer, use BCC (blind carbon copy) field.

I advise waiting until the new subject line and addresses are in place before promoting this forum (if you want to, that is).


And with that, WELCOME TO Windows Access with Screen Readers!

P.S. as we adopt the new forum name, please remember that we are still going through the COVID-19 pandemic, especially more intense as variants are spreading around the world. Please stay safe and healthy (wash hands, wear masks in public, follow guidelines from local health officials, including notes on vaccinations when available).



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