Windows 10/11 21H2 update: Windows 11 coming to beta channel, Windows 10 21H2 ready for release preview Insiders #insiderbuilds #WinTen21H2 #win11


Hello all,

Usually announcements about Insider channels are reserved for Insiders subgroup members, but since this parent forum has been getting Windows 11 preview announcements (an exception, really), I’m writing this post that will talk about two things:


First, Windows 10 21H2 is official; just like 20H2 and 21H1, Version 21H2 will be an enablement package, therefore the build number will be 19044. The upcoming feature update, designed for enterprises and consumers whose computers cannot move to Windows 11, brings security improvements and support for certain GPU compute scenarios in Windows Subsystem for Linux. Windows 10 21H2 is now available to release preview Insiders.


Second, Windows 11 beta is on its way. If you are on Windows Insider beta channel and happen to be using a computer ready for Windows 11, then you will get Windows 11 soon.


More info about Windows 10 21H2 and Windows 11 beta channel announcement can be found at:

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19044.1147 (21H2) | Windows Insider Blog


A note about the subject line: Windows 11 reports itself as Version 21H2, therefore the subject line (Windows 10/11 21H2).


If you are not a Windows Insider, the key takeaway is that Windows 11 is gearing up for public debut soon alongside Windows 10 21H2. Our forum will enter 21H2 era (for both 10 and 11) the day release preview Insiders receive Windows 11.



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