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Vicki W

No, everything is unchecked. If I go into the history protection link and clear all filters, the blocked item is unchecked under the block section, but when I go back in, it's checked again. I don't know if that matters or not.
Any other ideas?

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Hi, Vicki. It sounds as if, even though you have unchecked most reputation-based Protection settings under Windows Security>App And Browser Control, you may still have SmartScreen for Microsoft Store apps checked. If you do, it will block what it thinks may be harmful apps from the Microsoft Store.


Bill White




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I have been trying to download Microsoft office from the office website while signed into my account so I can install it, but the download gets stuck at about 7 megs. I get a message that "this file was blocked because this type of file might harm your computer." I've downloaded other .exe files without issue, but this one won't download.


The below instructions were posted by Bill white awhile back, so I made sure that everything was set according to his steps. Still, it won't download. How can I fix this problem if the steps below aren't working?




1. Open Settings with Windows Key plus I.
2. Open Update and Security.
3. Press ENTER on the Open Windows Security Button.
4. In the Categories that display in Windows Security, press ENTER on App
and Browser Control.
5. Turn off all settings under Reputation-based Protection, especially Smart
Screen for Microsoft Edge.


There was also a link under reputation based protection called history protection or something like that. There was a filter button at the top, so should I clear all filters under this as well?






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