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Mária Orovčíková

Thanks guys for your help.
I have another question regarding price.
On official microsoft websites, they ask about €69 for one year subscription.
However, I have seen some websites (authorised local computer sellers) selling Microsoft 365 for much lower price (about €30 per year).
Do you know why prices are so much different in various stores?

Dňa 18. 7. 2021 o 15:05 Jim Weiss via napísal(a):

There is no deactivation of Office 365, unlike Windows 10. Simply sign out of the software from within any of the Office apps if you have hit your 5 sign in limit.
For example; Open Word, press Alt+F, D,R and press tab until you find the option to sign out. That will sign out all apps on that PC/VM and will allow you to sign in on another installation.
Like I said, you can install the software an unlimited amount of times, but only have 5 signed in instances.

Jim Weiss

On Jul 18, 2021, at 7:43 AM, Capelle, Michael C. <> wrote:

Where do I go to deactivate a machine.

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You can install it on an unlimited number of devices, but you can only run it simultaneously on 5 devices. For example including virtual machines I have 11 installs of Office, but only 4 of those installs are always signed in and active, leaving me 1 more sign-in that I can use on my other virtual machines. I just need to make sure that I log out when I am done using it on my VM.
Worst case scenario is I get a message that I have reached my maximum number of signed in installations and I have to fire up that VM where I was last signed in and sign out.
Jim Weiss

On Jul 18, 2021, at 4:49 AM, Mária Orovčíková <> wrote:

Hello list,
please, if I purchase Microsoft 365 personal, on how many devices can it be installed?
Thank you in advance.

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