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Hi all,

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Hello everyone,

To follow-up on Nimer’s post: whenever information about screen reader compatibility comes up, the best source of information comes from vendors themselves. Although we do have Windows Insiders who can provide early information, we are limited when it comes to providing information such as which version of JAWS will be compatible with Windows 11, under the hood changes to Narrator, when the next version of NVDA will be released, and related discussions. When in doubt, do ask vendors such as Microsoft, Vispero, NV Access, and others who can give you up to date information – for this reason, when it comes to screen reader advisories, whatever vendors say overrides advisories sent here.

In coming days I will be publishing a preliminary screen reader advisory for Windows 10 21H2 (build 19044), Windows Server 2022 (build 20348), and Windows 11 21H2 preview (build 22000), and to some extent, other ecosystem devices such as Xbox OS (version 2108), HoloLens, and Surface Hub. The upcoming advisory is preliminary and is based on observations and reports from users, as well as what’s going on with Windows development. Although the upcoming advisory is based on latest available information, you should still look for official word from vendors, especially concerning  support for Windows 11 from their screen readers. For example, it was reported that JAWS 2022 will support Windows 11 (according to Eric Damery as quoted by a member), and I can say that the next version of NVDA includes foundations to support Windows 11 (based on latest source code commits); even then, I expect Vispero and NV Access will release official comments on Windows 11 support as it nears public release later this year.

Hope this helps. And to echo Nimer, please stay safe and healthy.


Joseph (the current and about to retire owner/head list rep)

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