Re: No shutdown, logoff, etc. sounds are played in windows 10


They removed the code for these events except for startup , so you are out of luck until win11 is released where apparently the sounds are back!




From: Ján Kulik
Sent: 19 July 2021 15:28
Subject: [winaccess] No shutdown, logoff, etc. sounds are played in windows 10


Hi all.

In one Czechoslovak discussion forum, one member published an article on how to set the sound to play when the user logs out of the system or decides to shut down or restart the computer so that the sound informs about events.

In the HKEY_CURRENT_USER AppEvents EventLabels registers, I found the following registry keys to edit them: SystemExist, WindowsLogoff, WindowsLogon, and WindowsUnlock.

These 4 registry keys had a value of 1, which just needed to be adjusted to 0. Once I did, the given event sound, such as the windows shutdown event, should play. Unfortunately, it doesn't work even if all sound events are active and playing system sounds, only when I shut down the system and assign a sound to it that shuts down windows will not play at all, while I tested it with the keyboard shortcut alt + t. What actually happened in Windows 10? Is it true that some operating system updates have prevented them from doing so? Then how do we blind find that Windows has shut down when it's not playing sound?

Windows 10 20H2 (64-bit) build 19042.1110


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