Re: Remote desktop connection usage under windows 10, using NVDA - seems to work well



If you can get a port opened on the target computer, you can let it self host an NVDA remote server and then connect to it directly from elsewhere. This bypasses any servers and is ridiculously responsive as a result. To set NVDA to do this just choose the host control server option as the first item in the connect or options dialogues. The options dialogue one is allowing you to configure NVDA to always connect to a control server or set one up at startup. Then you just need to forward a port from the router and whatnot. If RDP worked I assume you could do that with NVDA as well. VPN will probably make you more laggy though, they usually do.

On 7/20/2021 2:48 AM, Jacob Kruger wrote:
Just wanted to thank Russ for recommending this feature/solution.

As in, while could connet to the remote PC using NVDARemote, there was a bit of a lag due to it passing data through the remote server, but, after got I.T. guys to set up a VPN connection to office network, and, after set up my own little python applet to save the IP address/host name for my office PC via another website each time it booted up, last night when connected to VPN and then to office machine from home PC, using remote desktop connection, it actually worked pretty much perfectly.

Was also nice to find the disconnect option under the sign out or shutdown options submenu of the windows+X quick access menu then which let me revert to actual home desktop PC easily, since had not yet looked into anything like keyboard shortcuts to switch between remote and local, etc.

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"...resistance is futile...but, acceptance is versatile..."

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