IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Nimer Jaber will assume most administrator duties, effective July 28, 2021 #AdminNotice


Hello WinAccess family,

The following is a continuation of leadership transition plan:

This is to notify you that Nimer Jaber, the incoming forum owner, will assume most administrator duties effective July 28, 2021. The only things I will do as outgoing forum admin are pay for premium group status and to manage Windows release lifecycle announcements such as new Insider Preview build and cumulative update (KB alert) posts. I will formally resign from owner position (and thus hand the forum cluster to Nimer) during the week Windows 11 is released to the general public (early as sometime in October), at which point I will transition to being a specialized topics manager (listed as a mod) with no power over admin decisions. I will still publish a final State of the List post on July 29th as your outgoing forum owner to celebrate six years of Windows 10 era and to offer things the membership can do to prepare the wider world to meet Windows 11 and beyond.

Thank you for allowing me to lead this forum for the last seven years – starting from Freelists in October 2014, then moving to Groups.IO in October 2015. Please encourage Nimer as he assumes admin duties from next week, with the formal handover in the fall.



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