Re: Surprise log-in issue


I guess you could have tried turning on narrator to get you through,  maybe next time



From: Bill Powers
Sent: 01 August 2021 11:02
Subject: [WinAccess] Surprise log-in issue


Hi All,


I just had a strange log-on issue when I turned on my computer about half an hour ago and instead of the normal screen I get in which I have to put in my PIN, I was greeted with a graphical screen with no way to enlarge it and no way to get sound. I tried to make sense of the screen which seemed like it was trying to get me to make choices but not much luck. I could make out at one point one of the pages I clicked through mentioned Microsoft 365 making your device run better, which I already have, clicked through it and eventually must have completed whatever this was so I could get to the desktop and then have speech and large print. I noticed the same thing earlier today on another computer I was working on with the same scenario. Would this have been because the computer downloaded and installed an update for which I was not asked? I guess I will have to check a bit later and see what version I’m now at then, I would think still Windows 10 since I have heard 11 is very different.


It sure would be nice if these options were readable in large print and/or speech. Or else how do we know what we’re opting for?


Thanks for any info.




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