Re: Surprise log-in issue


you might of had a small update hit and throw you microsoft advertizing. you can turn that off in settings.

it was giving you options to try and or get what it was showing.

Try alt+tab should get you in log window, and narrator can work there also.

On 8/1/2021 6:02 AM, Bill Powers wrote:

Hi All,


I just had a strange log-on issue when I turned on my computer about half an hour ago and instead of the normal screen I get in which I have to put in my PIN, I was greeted with a graphical screen with no way to enlarge it and no way to get sound. I tried to make sense of the screen which seemed like it was trying to get me to make choices but not much luck. I could make out at one point one of the pages I clicked through mentioned Microsoft 365 making your device run better, which I already have, clicked through it and eventually must have completed whatever this was so I could get to the desktop and then have speech and large print. I noticed the same thing earlier today on another computer I was working on with the same scenario. Would this have been because the computer downloaded and installed an update for which I was not asked? I guess I will have to check a bit later and see what version I’m now at then, I would think still Windows 10 since I have heard 11 is very different.


It sure would be nice if these options were readable in large print and/or speech. Or else how do we know what we’re opting for?


Thanks for any info.



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