Re: Windows10 Is Too slow on my computer


Sounds like the problem started way back in windows 7 , so its not a windows 10 problem specifically, so you just carried the problem over, so it wont be the built-in anti-virus or firewall either,  and if you were                                  running windows 7 without any antivirus installed, then my guess is that any thing could have infected the system, you may want to try with a  full system scan  and if you are lucky it may clean it up,

Other than that a clean install may be your best bet, and dont run it without an antivirus program!


From: Ibrahim Ajayi
Sent: 14 August 2021 16:24
Subject: [WinAccess] Windows10 Is Too slow on my computer



I'm having problems with windows10 on my computer.

The command response is just too slow.

When I attempt to open a document or a website, or an application, it

takes minutes for it to open. Even when I am typing, the letters don't

respond as soon as it is touched.

When I started typing this mail, it took a long time for me to get the

subject line typed. When I was typing it, the screen reader suddenly

crashed for about three minutes.

So, what can I do to solve this problem. For now, what I did was an

upgrade of windows7 to 10. I don't have money at the moment to

purchase a new laptop computer.

Please what can I do.

What is causing the problem. Is it the firewall or the preinstalled

antivirus software. I didn't install any antivirus software on the


Hope to get some help with this issue.








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