Re: can someone please ad vise me..? - Windows 11 requirements


If your system is more than 5 or so years old you are not even going to be close and if this is 8 or 9 years old and a desktop then then only thing which would be compatible is the case and power supply and I guess the hard drive, but then of course if you buy or build a new system it would be very wrong to get a new motherboard, new processor and at least 8 Gb of DDR4 RAM and then to slow everything down with an old hard drive which could fail any moment. You need a matching SSD to get the most out of a new system and I wouldn't even reuse this old of a power supply since they also should match your new hardware..



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Windows 11 requirements can be found by doing a search on Google, or any other search site.

The following link was found by searching Google for "minimum requirements for Windows 11”.


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Hi Folks!

Wonder if someone could remind me of the minimal requirements for using windows11..? I know that I need more memory-I have only 4 GB.  I do however have a 1 TB HD and my processor is an AMD 29.1 Mhz. So am I close in terms of requirements for windows 11 <SMILE!>. This is a system that I had built about 8 to 9 years ago so suspect that it will need some major upgrading..! Thanks for any advice and Have a good 1!


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