Letter from the outgoing head list representative: resigning and closing a chapter in my life, effective October 15, 2021 #AdminNotice


Hello Windows Access with Screen Readers forum family,

This is to inform you that I (Joseph Lee) will be resigning as head list representative/owner, effective October 15, 2021.

For the last few months, the forum has been in transition – with me going away, the forum membership chose Nimer Jaber as my successor. At the moment Nimer performs admin duties while I’m laying the groundwork for our new head list representative/owner.

For the last few years, I felt it would be best to pass on the leadership baton to someone. Then the COVID-19 pandemic came, and I felt it would be best to stay on for a while and guide this forum cluster through the pandemic. Now that things are looking a bit better (we are still going through the pandemic, please remember that), coupled with the upcoming release of Windows 11 and my status as a graduate student, I decided that now is the time to do so.

I chose October 2021 as the time to close this chapter in my life because we are celebrating our seventh anniversary (the actual history of this forum began in October 2014). Besides, with Windows 11 era on the scene, I figured this is the right moment to let the next leader guide this forum for years to come. I’m giving you a month’s notice so Nimer can prepare in taking charge. There is one more thing I will do as your head list representative, and that is to move this forum cluster to Windows 11 era on October 1, 2021, and even then, Windows 10 discussion will continue.

My resignation doesn’t mean I’m leaving this forum cluster – I will be around as your Windows update and lifecycle advisor (a moderator position although not involved in actual moderation). I hope to transition to a more advisory role so I can focus on graduate school and to recognize the fact that we have people here who are experts now. I’m counting on everyone to make Windows Access with Screen Readers forum cluster (including the Insiders subgroup) a welcoming place for more people – I expect our membership will grow once we start discussing Windows 11 stable release (build 22000) as people will have questions about checking for, validating, upgrading, and using Windows 11 series with screen readers.

To everyone who have walked with me throughout my journey as your forum leader, thank you. To everyone who gave me praise and criticism, thank you. I didn’t shape the forum – it was members who shaped the forum to what it is today. Lastly, a huge congratulations and a thank you to Nimer Jaber who will succeed me as your head list representative and forum owner on October 15, 2021 – you know what to do better than I du. Please send love and keep encouraging our incoming forum owner as he takes my baton in a month’s time.

P.S. I will remain a Windows Insider so I can keep up with latest happenings and to keep the dialogue going with Microsoft staff regarding accessibility advocacy. Also, Windows 11 era will be declared on October 1, 2021 – even before then, please prepare yourselves for Windows 11 era.

Thank you.


Joseph (your soon to be former forum leader)

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