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Narrator, JAWS, and NVDA does support touch features (my own ThinkPad is equipped with a touchscreen as I needed this feature for one of my NVDA add-ons).




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Chip generation is definitely important, I had intended to mention that at least a 10th generation Intel cpu would be preferable when considering Intel processors. Personally I'm with you in preferring AMD processors. I'll likely be buying a new laptop in the next few months and plan to get something with a Ryzen 5000 series (or newer if available) processor, in the medium to upper performance level.

One reason I've been interested in a touch screen is that I thought it might be able to provide some context in terms of the visual layout of user interfaces and web pages, aspects that are essentially lost when using a screen reader. This assumes, of course, that the touch screen on a PC functions like one on a smart phone by voicing what is under your finger.


Shawn Bever

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Personally I can't do without a numpad, but that partly has to do with the fact that when I became blind I also lost the index and middle fingers on each hand and pressing certain key combinations involving many modifier keys aren't possible for me. On the other hand I am so used to using Jaws with the numpad after having done so for 32 years that I am not very interested in trying to relearn and rewire all that muscle memory.

I am actually considering a smaller Lenovo laptop without a numpad, but then I usually have my laptop in my home office and I'll work elsewhere with a wireless keyboard and headset.

My current Asus Zenbook has a 4K Touch Screen and I bought it in 2016 thinking it might nice to use the touch screen, but the fact is that I never do.

Whether you buy an I5 or I7 computer is not all that relevant, I think it's more important what generation of processor you buy and now with the next generation of Intel and AMD processors probably around the corner I would recommend people look at 11th Generation Intel chips and the AMD Ryzen 5000 series chips which in most tests I read about kick Intel's butt.

I am really looking for a laptop with a medium to high-end Ryzen 5000 processor and while Lenovo has a few, they definitely still have a lot more with Intel 10th and 11th Generation processors and if you wanted to spend a little less that is where I would go, either an Intel 10th Generation or an AMD Ryzen 4000 series processor.


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I don’t care too much about the touch screen either way, but I prefer not having a numpad for a laptop. I always use laptop layout mode for every screen reader, so the numpad, if I do have one is just extra that I may use for a specific situation but not required. I think of a laptop as something extra portable, so numpad goes against my grain, but not judging other ideas as wrong. I like keeping my hands on the home row, so the numpad is just extra reaching I’m not wanting to have to do. I even use the caps lock and jkl u i o and m comma period a lot to navigate instead of reaching for the arrow keys. Depends what I’m doing.

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Do any of you feel that having a numeric keypad (i.e. full keyboard layout) or a touchscreen on your laptop is important? I've always valued having access to a numeric keypad when using a screen reader. I don't currently have a touchscreen-equipped laptop, but I'm curious as to how others feel about this option.


Personally I'd try to buy a machine with at least an Intel core i5 or i7, or a 6+ core late model AMD Ryzen processor, third generation Ryzen or newer.


On 10/8/2021 1:08 PM, Kathy Pingstock wrote:

Good afternoon
The computer I recently have has took a dump, I am in the market to look for a new laptop my question is do I wait to do windows 11 or do I stick with windows $.10 window so 11 is new I am all updated with my jaws screen reader program.
Any help would be appreciated thank you Kathy

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