One final letter from the outgoing head list representative: leadership transition is complete #AdminNotice


Hello WinAccess forum family,

I stand on the stage one last time as the forum owner and head list representative. For the last seven years (across Freelists and Groups.IO), I served as the forum leader overseeing a forum that has witnessed many changes. We have gone through one Windows release era to the next, we witnessed screen reader changes, we had conversations with Microsoft people here and elsewhere, and now I’m about to hand the forum to a person who is an influencer in the screen reader user community. In summary, I am officially resigning from the forum leadership position effective midnight Pacific on October 15, 2021, with Nimer Jaber officially becoming the new forum leader.

I have learned many things from you, all 600 plus members of this forum cluster (including Insiders subgroup members). As much as I led the forum through times of change, members taught me many things about life. We all share our joys and disappointments, celebrations and disputes, and remain united to serve the wider screen reader community by sharing our expertise. Although the time as a forum leader was short (or not so short), I believe it was worth it, and you taught me many things that I still need to process as I fade into the background.

One serious request: now with Windows 11 out in the wild, I expect more people will be drawn to this family as people transition to Windows 11 on eligible systems. I ask you (one last time as your forum owner) to provide a supportive and collaborative environment for newcomers and seasoned pros, and find ways to work with others (including Microsoft staff, screen reader vendors, and app developers) to make Windows 11 a success story just like Windows 10 has been for the last seven years. I know Nimer is an influential and capable leader who has the necessary experience to make this wish happen, but also remember that this is a community effort, too (therefore please keep encouraging Nimer and give him support).

What will Joseph do after he resigns? Many things. First, I’m moving more toward a specialist role – I will be advising this forum (Nimer and members) on Windows support lifecycle and will continue to provide cumulative update announcements (new build announcements on Insiders subgroup). Second, to focus on graduate school, I plan to reduce contributions (mostly involves setting myself to no mail). Even if you see less emails, I’m always available to advise and provide assistance if needed.

To Nimer (the new forum leader effective midnight): I know you are more than capable of making WinAccess forum a supportive environment for many, especially people who will be using Windows 10 and/or transition to Windows 11. Encourage members, stay humble, check in on well-being of people, and continue to advocate for accessibility. And with that, the forum is yours.

P.S. Special note for Windows Insiders: I will continue to flight Insider builds.

Stay safe and healthy.




Joseph S. Lee

Graduate student (communication studies), California State University, Los Angeles (August 2021 to present)

Speech and debate coach, California State University, Los Angeles (August 2021 to present)

Owner and head list representative, WinAccess forum (October 2014 to October 2021)

Windows Insider (October 2014 to present)

Volunteer code contributor and community add-ons author, NonVisual Desktop Access screen reader project (June 2012 to September 2021)

Certified NVDA Expert, 2019

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