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Daniel MacDonald


I’ve been running windows 11 even since the first Dev channal build, 22000.5 became available in the Windows Insider Program/. I have not experienced problems like these mentioned, and I’m running JAWS 2018 with no problems. Windows 11 is worth the upgrade, and the authors of this post are probably not seasoned screen reader users themselves They say they’re e experimenting it seems to me none are really getting expert opinions from actual screen reader users. It’s probably, the government hasn’t done the upgrade, so no one should install windows 11, because of said problems few people have, and not knowing how to do technicle support probably for windows 11 mentality. Do not take heed to this message, windows 11 is perfectly fine, and I’m a windows insider, expecting bugs at every turn, and not finding many.

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I’m experiencing the issue with word. The majority of the time when I open it everything locks up. I’m using a dell XPS 8930 with windows 11, jaws 2022 and office 365.


Chris Judge


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I’m running Windows 11 with up to date versions of JAWS and NVDA, without any performance issues in Microsoft Office or elsewhere. I’ve been doing so since shortly after Windows 11 was released, so if there were performance issues affecting screen readers generally, I would have noticed them by now.


Someone needs to work out under what circumstances these alleged problems are occurring, since they aren’t happening to me or to others who have reported positive experiences of Windows 11.


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[jfw-users] FW: Avoid Switching to Windows 11 As Long as Possible!!


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Hi everyone,

I hope it’s okay to forward the following message which I received regarding switching to Windows 11.  I know several of you have done so, but this message is so negative about Windows 11, I really want opinions as to whether it’s okay to upgrade or not.  Here’s the message I received:


The IT Department at Blind Industries and Services of Maryland distributed the following information:

I thought everyone should know about this.


We have been finding that there is a massive problem with accessibility in Windows 11. Anyone using a screen-reader in Word, for instance, will find that very often, the system is slowed so badly it is nearly crippled; this does not affect people without screen-readers, as far as we've been able to determine. There are also a great many things broken that have caused screen-reader accessibility to seriously decrease. At this stage, Microsoft are showing few or no signs that they intend to fix the situation. Some of you may be offered the chance to upgrade by your home computers, depending on how new they are (the system can't be run on an older one), and we very strongly suggest, at this point, that you refrain from trying it. In some instances, it can render the system nearly unusable. It has also been known to cause video drivers to stop working, which means that nothing will appear on the screen, and it can also cause screen-readers to refuse to start up if you are even one version out of date. We also know that the alt-tab keystroke has been broken, and we suspect that a lot of other problems have been incorporated into Windows 11 as well. Having experienced crashes and mishaps getting the system up and running ourselves, we are only just experimenting with it and do not believe we've found all the problems.


In the event that you would like to try an experiment at home, you absolutely must update your screen-reader fully before doing so. If you fail to do that, it probably won't load, leaving you without speech. Using Narrator to attempt to update any other screen-reader will be slow and might not work. The system has, overall, taken a rather nasty hit in the speed department that all of you, as screen-reader users, will notice in particular, and a lot of programs work erratically at best. Finally, if you do opt to try this update, we suggest that you do not try it on a computer you depend on for work or important personal tasks. Downgrading will be difficult or impossible. Again, those of you in Rehab may wish to let all your students know, and note that if you have a choice when buying a new computer, try not to purchase it with Windows 11.



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